Stone & Chalk and AustCyber tap into Adelaide’s _SOUTHSTART Festival to showcase emerging tech sector


Leading Impact Network for emerging technologies Stone & Chalk and AustCyber will support Adelaide’s _SOUTHSTART Festival, Australia’s human-first innovation and impact festival, with a series of activities to be hosted at its Adelaide hub in Lot Fourteen. 

Australians are living in an ever-changing, dynamic world requiring constant innovation, adaptation and change. Emerging technology is a key part of this conversation, and will become the engine room for Australia’s economy, providing the jobs of the future. 

The four-day festival, which runs from 3-6 May and is attended by more than 700 leaders, will shine a spotlight on the industry and invite its audiences to challenge their perceptions and explore possibilities to begin thinking about how Australians can work toward solving some of the world’s most challenging issues.

For the first time, _SOUTHSTART will tap the collective expertise of Stone & Chalk and AustCyber to drive key discussions on both emerging technology and cyber security, leveraging their national footprint to deliver impact to the South Australian ecosystem.

Alex Scandurra, CEO of Stone & Chalk said, “Emerging technologies are impacting every facet of our lives. COVID demonstrated to many Australians the importance of having critical equipment manufactured locally. We need to make sure that we leverage this experience to establish sovereign domestic industrial capability across key sectors, particularly as they relate to national and economic security.

“Stone & Chalk and AustCyber are excited to be helping high-growth companies that will provide the opportunities and jobs that Australians have and the technologies we build, scale and use, both for ourselves and others. This year will see thought leaders, corporates, investors and entrepreneurs come together to share and collaborate.” 

Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber said, “New technologies need to be secure by design. Privacy, safety and other key considerations are all at risk without adequate security. Building good cyber security into your minimum viable product protects both your business and your customers against cyber criminals. We will be participating in a number of roundtable discussions on the intersection of sovereignty, science, technology and digital trust to help secure Australia’s emerging technologies and grow our digital footprint.”

Chris Kirk, General Manager of Stone & Chalk Adelaide said, “South Australia is a state of great innovation and we’re excited to be part of the conversation. We look forward to fostering more innovation and disruption through meaningful conversations and connections facilitated during the festival.” 

You can find out more about _SOUTHSTART and Stone & Chalk and AustCyber’s program here: