SA Cyber Mentor Program Launch 3 June 2020

AustCyber SA Node is a key industry partner and focused on growing local cyber security industry skills, products and start-ups. One of the SA Node’s strategic domain areas of focus is in Education and Skilling for the future Cyber workforce.

Throughout 2019, the SA Node actively worked with the education sector and industry to assist in the establishment of a selection of Cyber Security Traineeships within the state, the first of their kind! These traineeship initiatives are strategically linked to the national Skilling Australia program and the state level Skilling South Australia initiative.

To provide support to the first generation of trainees, the SA Node has partnered with OK RDY to deliver The SA Cyber Edition Mentoring Program. The program is designed to help augment the newly created Cyber Security Traineeships in South Australia and will be a pilot for 2020. Program participants will include students, Industry, and public servant trainees.

Cyber professionals will connect via the OK RDY mobile platform throughout the program and participate in causal virtual mentoring; sharing their unique career pathway, industry trends and help trainees better understand and demystify the cyber eco-system. With mentors, mentees and the broader community also having access to the unique mini mentoring content videos created throughout the program and shared publicly to help attract emerging cyber talent.

The program will commence in early June 2020 and will run until the end of the year. The program will work with volunteer mentors from our cyber community to help build the capacity of the trainees so that they can access opportunities in the cyber sector. Together we can build a stronger and more vibrant cyber community –more information will be released soon!