PeCan+2020 CTF

Pecan+2020 CTF

Edith Cowan University and local Perth High Schools would like to invite Canberra High Schools to compete in the PeCan+2020 CTF.    

This annual event is free as it is sponsored by ECU Institute for Securing Digital Futures, WA AustCyber Innovation Hub, and AustCyber Canberra. We are also supported by ASD Canberra, Hivint/Trustwave and Asterisk (CyberCX) Cyber Security Companies Perth. 

We have a series of cyber security challenges aimed at high school students for year 9 and above. We have developed these challenges for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. To help you we have made Saturday a fun training day where we will run through the art of Cryptography, Steganography, Reverse Engineering, Software and Web exploitation and Digital Forensics – on the day all you just need is a go get them attitude and problem-solving mind.  We have online tutors there to support groups of students. Sunday will be the competition. Prizes are for the winning team in each division.

Please purchase one ticket for your team (of 4) under the name of the supervising teacher or contact person. We will get team details closer to the time. 

Register via this link. - 

Dates: Saturday Oct 10th and             

Sunday October 11th 11:30 to 5:30 EST     

Location: your school or your house - its online 12

Practice session for teachers and instructors 24th September via Zoom – lets test the website and technology! 

For more information please contact Dr Michelle Ellis - [email protected]