A message from AustCyber's CEO Michelle Price

Michelle Price

August, in many ways, is another landmark month in the history of our sector. This month’s release of the highly anticipated Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy put the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy into the passage history. Perhaps more important at an emotional level to me than most! But this next step in the policy aspects of our sector is an important one. It shapes the strategic landscape and nature of conversations between the various stakeholders across government, business, academia – and increasingly, the community. 

We’ve already been working closely with the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to help facilitate consultation on a range of the Strategy’s initiatives and actions. The Strategy’s release has also accelerated the bridging between what we’re doing with NSW Government on cyber security standards and procurement with the national picture. More to come on this through September and October. 

Last week, we released our second episode of ‘OzCyber Unlocked’ – our monthly podcast aimed at educating Australian business about Australian cyber industry. It was an honour to record this very special episode on open source intelligence and its role in helping law enforcement with missing persons. I am proudly biased in recommending you listen to the episode if you haven’t already.  

Download it now, provide feedback and gear up to enter a team in this year’s National Missing Persons Hackathon, returning on 29 October. We had no challenges whatsoever in attracting sponsors for this year’s event – our thanks to the fantastic line-up of companies working with us. You too can get involved by signing up a team. With free training available to provide you with the skills to join in, clear your calendar to help solve real Australian missing persons cases and give relief to Australian families.   

A big shout out to Olivia Grandjean-Thomsen and Tom Finnigan in the AustCyber team for our podcast production. Listeners have already broken all sorts of records in the laws of averages in the podcast sphere, and it is in a large part due to the quality production provided by Liv and Tom.

Planning is well underway for Australian Cyber Week 2020, being held 26-30 October. Whether you’re a student, CEO, investor, practitioner, curious community member, teacher, graduate, innovator, mentor, board member, inventor, journalist, researcher, salesperson, entrepreneur … there will be at least one, if not an entire week’s worth of activities, that will appeal. 

While we may be constrained to virtual contact for a while longer, the pandemic hasn’t stopped us engaging with you or the broader economy. AustCyber remains committed to not only growing our industry, but sustaining our collective purpose and impact. Our collective voice has never been louder – and in cyberspace, it isn’t always about volume. It’s about getting it done and, in the process, showing a better way. 

And on that note, a big, heartfelt shout out to all the threat hunters, incident responders and ethical hackers who have been slammed 24/7 for more than six months now. You quietly and diligently plug away at a faceless, relentless set of adversaries without much community awareness or understanding of your passion for pushing back. Thank you. 

#StaySafe and #GameOn