A message from AustCyber's CEO Michelle Price

Michelle Price

Everyone is talking about (or avoiding talking about) what our post pandemic life will be like. If you’re an analytical person like me, reading a sentence like that will likely conjure:

  1. exhaustion just thinking about the logistics of physical distancing in your personal/ social life,
  2. frustration with unsettled social norms in the hybrid workplace (maybe the part of life that is an actual new normal?), and/or
  3. genuine anxiety around the state of play for your organisation and the significant ramping up of cyber attacks and malicious digital manipulation in our economy and society.

As the current-normal pervades, there continues to be opportunity for our industry.

A wide range of organisations are in urgent need right now of people and technology to supplement or complement their own because demand is so high for theirs. I’m witnessing the opening up of procurement opportunities for startups and scale-ups in ways that haven’t happened before (#truestory, it is starting to happen). And while there is much discussion at the highest levels of government across nations that sounds and looks like days of old, there is a tectonic shift occurring in what it takes to truly value the ‘intangible enablers’ like cyber security and privacy.

So what’s next in the survive and thrive equation?

From AustCyber to the international ecosystem, next is a heck of a lot. To keep you locked on, here’s a high-level taste of what’s happening over the coming months:

  • additional, targeted assistance to #ozcyber companies in need of support through the pandemic period;
  • an expanded national network – more Nodes with more teamsters to support local organisations connect into accelerated growth opportunities, problem solving and workforce development;
  • a scaling of our work on the investor landscape to raise the bar on investment readiness of companies and investor depth of knowledge around cyber capabilities;
  • a scaling of our work on export pathways – particularly in ASEAN countries, the UK and US, including enhanced delivery of programs domestically (virtual Australia Houses everywhere?!); and
  • further activation of our partnerships internationally, including with the World Economic Forum, Global Forum on Cybersecurity Expertise and US National Institute for Science and Technology.

Over the past week, we have been contacting the companies who applied for the next federal GovPitch. 14 companies will complete pitch training, being delivered with our friends at Stone & Chalk, and ten companies will go through to the virtual stage in early July. With 83 applications received, we have a strong pipeline for further GovPitch events coming soon.

We will very shortly release a new report providing specific data on the impact of the cyber security industry to Australia’s economy – this is timely and highly consumable information that, like Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan when it was first released, will shift the way people talk about and value our industry.

The team are also working on two very special projects that I’m bursting to share … but won’t, just yet. Both are equally fantastic and will amp up #allthethings.

As we wrap up another busy month, a big shout out to our friends at CyRise who have been delivering their current accelerator program virtually – no mean feat. Without skipping a mmWave, applications have opened for their next program, closing 17 July. If you’re a founder with a great early-stage cyber security product or service, I strongly encourage you to apply.

As a final note, if you are an #ozcyber company and in urgent need of people and technology to supplement or complement yours, for your day-to-day operations or to meet the needs of a contract opportunity or delivery, reach out and where possible we will connect you with companies who have the capacity to help. Win-win. And the reverse, if you have capacity that needs using, also reach out. More win-win.

We’ve not only got this … it’s #gameon.