Developers – the true enablers of modern business

Developers – the true enablers of modern business

The role of the developer is changing, and fast. While software developers have long been a part of large companies’ org charts, never before have they played such a pivotal part in the success of a business.

“Just about every company has become a software company now,” explains Pieter Danhieux, Co-Founder and CEO of global security firm Secure Code Warrior.

“Most organisations have a mass of developers working for them. Originally, people didn’t really understand the strategic importance of their role, but it is these developers who are becoming both the enablers and defenders of modern business with every line of code they write.”

With data security a hot topic amongst consumers, cyber security and privacy are fast becoming board-level considerations.

“At the moment, companies are taking a reactive stance to cyber threat,”’ said Pieter. “They’re getting better at putting security initiatives in place, but they’re uncovering the same flaws over and over again and not addressing the problem at the source.”

“We believe it’s important to ensure the foundations of cyber security are properly established, and this means training developers how to write secure code and helping them in real time while they work.”

For developers, this is a huge opportunity and a great responsibility. Increasingly, cyber security electives are available at Australian universities, enabling individuals to learn the basics of secure coding, but it is in-field experience that really counts.

“At Secure Code Warrior, we want to help train developers on the job. Our hands-on, secure coding platform actively engages developers to learn and build their coding skills. It uses gamification techniques to help engage the developer and make the learning experience fun. The platform also includes a security coaching and correction module that helps them in real-time – almost like a spell-checker for secure code.

“Recognising the crucial role developers play and empowering them to get the training they need to code securely will set any business up for success in a new world of digital threat.”

About Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior is a global security company that makes software development better and more secure. Our vision is to empower developers to be the first line of defence in their organisation by making security highly visible and providing them with the skills and tools to write secure code from the beginning. We have built a powerful platform that moves the focus from reaction to prevention, training and equipping developers to think and act with a security mindset as they build and verify their skills, gain real-time advice and monitor skill development. Our customers include financial institutions, telecommunications providers and global technology companies in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.