Defending data – collaboration is king

Defending data – collaboration is king

Data has become one of the most valuable commodities in the world and its heightened value has made it as attractive to those who wish to misuse and abuse it as it is to those generating value to the economy and broader society.

Many of Australia’s leading cyber security experts believe that closer collaboration between industry and all levels of government provides a strengthened first line of defence.

Alex Morkos and Mark Wroniak, directors and co-owners of Sydney-based cyber security consulting firm, Aleron, agree risks have increased significantly in the digital economy.

“We now live by the idea that data is more valuable than money,” said Alex.

“The new economy is data-based and that information has become our biggest resource. Much of the country’s daily work is now conducted within the digital ecosystem and we’ve all become dependent upon IT.”

“As with anything valuable, there is always a risk of theft or attacks from ransomware. We are constantly occupied with how to protect a valuable asset like data - and it’s not just an issue we face in Australia.”

“Information sharing between all users and cyber industry participants will help protect Australian government, businesses and individuals,” said Mark.

“Any digital economy can be disrupted through lax or weak security. It should be a business imperative to share and collaborate.”

Perth-based Kinetic IT group manager and head of security services, Kevin O’Sullivan, is convinced local industry collaboration is a key component of the solution.

“We’re living in an era of transformation, where the benefits of adopting innovative technology solutions are vast,” he said.

“However, this adoption and our increasing willingness to share information exposes us to greater risk, so it’s important we find a balance between sharing and protecting data.

“It’s our role as cyber security professionals to help individuals and businesses safely adopt these new ways of working, and we can deliver greater value through collaboration and strategic partnerships with local industry,” said Kevin.

All agreed that collaboration between industry partners could lead to a strengthening of digital defences.

About Aleron

Aleron provide skilled and experienced information security consultants and created eDNA a Cyber Security strategy SaaS platform. They provide IT security consulting, technical implementation and staff augmentation to deliver a variety of specialised security skills and functions. eDNA is a platform that makes linking business objectives to cyber security and risks simple.

About Kinetic IT

Kinetic IT is a leading Australian-owned and operated technology services business, specialising in Cyber Security, Managed ICT Services, Service Integration and Management, and Digital Transformation.  Kinetic IT is committed to delivering genuine success through tailorable services designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements, resulting in fit-for-purpose solutions, award-winning service delivery and consistent end-user satisfaction.