A big boost for cyber education


Yesterday AustCyber announced its latest investment in cyber security innovation with $8.5 million allocated for industry-led projects. FifthDomain has been awarded a project to the value of $1.9 million in ongoing efforts to meet the skills shortage challenge.

FifthDomain was the lead in last year’s AustCyber funded project, Cyber Security Skills and Technology Accelerator project, working closely with the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) to build sustainable cyber training, resources, programs and facilities to address the cyber skills challenge in Australia.

Matt Wilcox, CEO and Founder of Canberra based cyber start-up FifthDomain said, “We were thrilled to received last year’s ACT Training Award for our collaboration project with CIT and AustCyber – it was a real recognition of what industry and the education sector can achieve if we work together to address this very real and critical issue.”

This year’s project will build on the success achieved last year. FifthDomain will integrate their virtualised learning platform to support the individual lab training established in 2019 and add cyber range exercises and dynamic, gamified Capture the Flag style challenges to provide a variety of training experiences to optimise job readiness.

“FifthDomain has demonstrated their standout abilities in bringing cyber education content to life. Cyber operators need real-life experience defending against cyber threats and bringing together all of FifthDomain’s learning environments into one platform will provide valuable and deep learning experiences. Importantly, this globally competitive platform provides uplift for teachers, mentors and workplace managers” said Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber.

Mr Wilcox added, “Defending networks against malicious cyber activity is much like going to war. We expect our Defence personnel to constantly train and practice their craft to protect and defend. The same applies to cyber operators, they need to explore and practice many ways to protect our digital assets and information, so it becomes second nature”.

Cyber security is a relatively new field and one that changes so rapidly it is difficult to keep pace with the threat. This allocation of funding reinforces the need for industry partners and the education sector to work together to develop an effective a responsive workforce.

FifthDomain will work closely with education providers to enhance their service offering to ensure it has broad appeal with the education sector and beyond.

About FifthDomain

FifthDomain is a specialist cyber security education and training company tackling the global cyber skills shortage. Their cyber education and training platforms deliver high-speed, on-demand and customisable learning environments with just a browser.