The aim of AustCyber’s Cyber Security Innovation Nodes (‘the Nodes’) is to support AustCyber’s goal by giving State and Territory governments the remit and tools they need to collaborate and innovate in their own jurisdictions, working within AustCyber’s framework for national alignment.

The Nodes are series of bilateral partnerships between AustCyber and Australia’s State and Territory governments. Each node commits to the national priorities, as defined by the AustCyber's business strategy and Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan. Each Node is co-funded with AustCyber by its State or Territory and principally focused on local capability development and challenges, as long as they are not in conflict with national needs.

Guiding principles

  1. Clear strategic intent.

    • Node participants understand and articulate the purpose of the Industry Growth Centres initiative, AustCyber, and the Node programme.
  2. Standard operating procedures.

    • Node participants are subject to the same operating procedures and the same AustCyber governance framework.
  3. Make it better, faster, and more competitive.

    • Node participants will create new economic and innovation growth pathways in Australia’s cyber security ecosystem.
    • Nodes will increase the benefits of collaboration, and reduce the costs (money, time and effort). Overall, this should lead to increased return on investment for all parties.
  4. Openness and integrity.

    • Help the Australian cyber security ecosystem wherever possible. Appreciate the help of others.
    • Encourage diversity of thinking and background.
    • Node participants are honest and transparent in their dealings. Proactively disclose potential conflicts of interest as soon as possible.
    • Node participants protect sensitive information and hold themselves to the highest standards of cyber security risk management.