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Episode 10
Pathways into cyber security – how to plan, upskill and maximise career opportunities

AustCyber’s National Network of Cyber Security Innovation Nodes

Designed to foster and accelerate cyber capability development and innovation across Australia.

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Our friends help us to strengthen Australia’s position as a global hub for cyber security innovation and enhance Australian competitiveness in this growing sector.

AustCyber supports the development of a vibrant and globally competitive cyber security sector

Australian Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan

Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan 2020

Cyber security continues to be one of the most rapidly expanding sectors worldwide, with global spending on cyber security products and services increasing by 30 per cent from 2017 to 2020. This year alone, Australians spent approximately A$5.6 billion on cyber security from both local and international providers, a figure that is expected to…

Australia’s Digital Trust Report 2020

Australia's Digital Trust Report

Australia’s digital infrastructure and the data it carries are core to the value and growth of the nation’s economy. The growing economic dependency on the digital domain has an intrinsic relationship with the trust users and consumers have in it and therefore the security, privacy and resilience of the infrastructure and data.

CSIRO Industry Roadmap

AustCyber and CSIRO Futures: Cyber Security - A Roadmap to enable growth opportunities for Australia

In November 2018, AustCyber and CSIRO Futures published the 'Cyber Security - A Roadmap to enable growth opportunities for Australia' report. A summary is below:

As an enabler for industry, cyber security’s importance is being driven by the global business environment becoming increasingly interconnected and reliant on data and digital…

Ciso Lens Benchmark 2020

CISO Lens Benchmark 2020

Author: James Turner, Founder and Managing Director of CISO Lens.

The CISO Lens Benchmark 2020 is published to support two core objectives of CISO Lens. Firstly, to support cyber security governance within organisations. Secondly, to support cyber resilience across the Australian and New Zealand economies.

This Benchmark enables…

Monday 07 June 2021
Episode 11

'Cyber shift’ – how do we improve diversity & workplace culture to enact real change?

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